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All about event decoration

If you are thinking of decorating an event, this article is for you. From Granada Floral San Diego we tell you all about the decoration of the events.

Let's start, centerpieces: centerpieces are the basics of events. What is a wedding without centerpieces? They are placed where the guests meet for dinner or lunch and that is why it is important that they are... perfect! There are many types of centerpieces, you can place flowers of different colors, of a single color, combined with plants... you decide!

Flower bouquets: flower bouquets are floral compositions that can be placed in the areas that receive the guests, on the chairs, etc. You can create compositions of all kinds of flowers and plants, everything will depend on the style and type of event.

Owls: bunkers are those small mud or glass containers normally (although they can be used from other materials) that are usually longer than wide and that they use for the placement of flowers. Buffaloes can be composed of a mixture of flowers and plants or it can be a single flower, for example roses.

The floral arches will always steal all eyes on your event apart, which will make your event look more elaborate and beautiful.